Roof Inspection Reports

Get impartial roof inspection and repairability analysis to set the right expectations with your policyholders.

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Key Benefits

Assessing damaged roofs can be a complex process and it requires expert insight to ensure an accurate outcome. Artisan will provide an impartial inspection and expert repairability analysis to prevent any confusion and frustration of excessive delays that impact your policyholders.

Hiring engineers is costly, and it can take weeks to get an inspection report. Artisan’s roofing experts will inspect the property and provide a detailed report within 48 hours without compromising its quality or accuracy. Artisan’s Roof Inspection Report prevents disputes by setting the right expectations from the beginning.

Homeowners Return to Their Lives Sooner

Artisan’s Roof Inspection Report brings a quick resolution for carriers and homeowners by determining the right path to restoration from the start.

Inspected By Experts

Our inspection report is created by specialists with decades of industry experience who are also able to complete the restoration work detailed in the report, eliminating supplemental work.

A Trustworthy Report

Our detailed Roof Inspection Report can be used as supporting evidence in any deposition.

Fast Turnaround

We provide a detailed and accurate report within 48 hours of inspection time.

What You Get

The roof report that we provide on every claim is comprehensive and includes:

How it Works

Determine Damages & Cause of Loss

We will document roof damage due to: hail, mechanics, wind, and/or installation issues.

Visual Inspection of the Roof

We will perform a complete inspection to identify leaks, previous repairs, deterioration, ventilation, estimate age of roof, and wind damage count on all slopes.

Photo Process

We document the inspection with an overview photo of the roof, wind damage count with closeup photos of wind damage, photos of layers, photos of pitch and shingle gauges, and photos of hail damage and the hail damage count.

Example Roof Inspection Report

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