Roof Tarp Installation

Quickly tarping a roof can prevent further loss to the interior and exterior of the structure and potential mold. Improperly installed tarps can result in additional damage to the roof, so it is important to have a licensed contractor perform the installation. Our team is seasoned and trained to install tarps per industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency roof tarping is when a contractor installs a tarp over a damaged section of a roof. It is a temporary solution to prevent additional damages to the roof and interior until the roof can be thoroughly inspected and repaired.

When secured properly, a roof tarp can protect a roof from new rain and other weather-related damages. It can also prevent holes or missing shingles from turning into leaks and/or prevent existing leaks from getting worse.

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged from a recent storm or accident, you should call a contractor and request emergency tarping services.

A properly installed roof tarp will typically last up to 90 days.

Most policies will cover a tarp, but homeowners should check their specific policies to be sure. Most insurance policies will state that it is the insured’s responsibility to protect the property from further damage once a roof has been compromised. Meaning if they do not tarp and the house sustains further damage – like mold or rodent activity – because of it, the homeowner will be responsible for those damages.

Our roofing experts at Artisan Rebuilders install high quality, high resistance tarps in affected areas of the roof. This tarp guarantees no further damage will be done to the roof. The removal of the tarp is also performed by our crew, guaranteeing a transparent and reliable process.

At Artisan Rebuilders, we try to be transparent  and fair on our pricing. For roof tarp installations we charge based on the size of the install. 

  • $500 – Small (0-200 square feet)
  • $1,000 – Medium (201-500 square feet)
  • $1,500 – Large (501-1,500 square feet)
  • $2,000 – X-Large ( > 1,500 square feet) 
roof tarp installed on a tile roof

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