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Window Replacement

Window replacement is one of the largest and most common projects that people do for their homes. Even though about 65 million windows were installed in 2021 throughout the United States, many homeowners view window replacement as a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Artisan can simplify the process by inspecting, recommending, and installing the right windows for your home. 

Benefits of New Windows

There are several benefits in replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient windows.

new window installation makes your home more comfortable

Especially in older homes, drafty windows will let the hot air in, making your air conditioner and fans less effective. That’s not what you want during Florida’s hottest part of the year.

Energy Efficiency benefits of new window installation
Energy Efficiency

The more your HVAC and fans must work, the more energy you consume and the more you pay for monthly utilities. New windows have been shown to reduce energy usage by 10-30%.

ROI of new window installation
Return on Investment (ROI)

Despite what you may hear, windows alone aren’t going to pay for themselves by reducing your electric bill. The majority of ROI that you get from replacing your windows comes from the resale value.

curb appeal of new window installation on a home

Updated windows can give your home a much-needed facelift and refresh of your home’s appearance. If you plan on spending several years in the home, then the aesthetic benefit will be even greater.

Signs you need new windows

Single pane

If your windows are single-pane, it means that they are very old and likely have very poor energy efficiency. 

Failed Glazing

Cracked or missing glazing putty on old windowpanes can allow moisture to penetrate the window and possibly cause further damage.


Aluminum windows have become much less common, so it is likely that the window is beyond its normal expected lifespan. Aluminum windows are also easily damaged by hail, which can compromise seals and the overall frame.

Old Wood

Wood windows that have not been properly maintained risk becoming rotted and warped. This can cause moisture problems as well as rattling glass panes.


Sticky windows means that the window is difficult to open and close. Windows become “sticky” when hardware fails and when components become bent or warped. If the sticky window is relatively new, a simple repair may solve the issue but the older the window, the less likely it is that parts are available.


Condensation on the window frame or panes indicates failed seals or glazing. If not resolved this could lead to mold and rot.

Water Leak

Aside from broken glass, if the window leaks during or after heavy rainfall then it is likely due to a failed seal, window wrap, or damaged frame. If there is broken glass or a leak following a storm it is a good idea to have your windows, roof, gutters, and siding inspected for storm damage to determine if it is necessary to file an insurance claim.


A drafty window indicates gaps in framing or poor seals. Houses shift or settle over time, so this is common on very old homes. Drafts could also indicate failed seals or other gaps in the casement. Replacing drafty windows tend to result in the largest energy savings.

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